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Automation Solutions for your Smart Home

Creating the modern & appealing ambiance is as simple as clicking a button through wireless light switches. You can enhance the comfort level of your home by opting for certain lighting automation solutions.

Following are the lighting automation solutions worth considering:

  • Dimming Technology
  • Infusion System
  • LED Lighting Control
  • System Controller
  • User Interfaces
  • Lighting Automation Solutions Based On Construction Type
  • Motion Sensors
  • Timers
  • Lighting Pointers
  • Smartphone and the remote control
  • Connectivity and implementation
Dimming Technology

Dimmer SwitchYou can leverage the emerging dimming technology and control a variety of light sources installed at your home from incandescent to LED. There are several types of dimmer switches available having infusion standard dimmer module, latching relay module, and even feed relay module.

Infusion System

The infusion system provides robust lighting control to your lighting sources with complete system integration. With the help of the infusion system, you can get benefit from the increased control precision on different light source technologies. Both low-voltage and high-voltage lighting sources can be dimmed and managed simultaneously.

LED Lighting Control

LED LightLED lighting is the best lighting automation solution for your smart home. It offers longer service, energy efficiency, durability, and variety over incandescent lighting. You can also get various design capabilities such as color availability, directional light distribution, and dimming with changing of the colors.

System Controller

System ControllerSystem controller can precisely control the intensity of light, speed and on/off timing in the space. That is the reason, the system controller is the major component in the lighting automation systems. You can easily illuminate any artwork at your home by using lighting automation systems.

Phone ControlUser Interfaces

Whether you are using touchscreen, keyword, or mobile device to control your lighting systems, you find various lighting automation solutions. You can have the great-touch experience with just one inconspicuous keypad instead of relying on rows of conventional switches. You can use faceplates, LED backlighting, engraving, etc. to have a great experience with stylish aesthetics.

Lighting Automation Solutions Based On Construction Type

You can choose the scalable future-ready lighting automation systems for your smart home based on its construction type. The programming tool and software design associated with your lighting automation solutions help you meet all your automation and control demands.

Motion Sensors

Motion SensorMost of you are familiar with the role of motion sensors in the lighting control options. When talking about home automation, motion sensors can be used as the major comment in lighting solutions. When you walk into the room, the motion sensor detects the movement and turns on the lights. Also, when you go outside the room, the sensor turns off the light in the absence of movement in the room. With the help of motion sensors, you can easily catch up on your energy bills as sensors reduce the human error of keeping the lights on when nobody is in the room.


Light TimerTimers can be considered as the most effective energy management solutions for your home automation needs including energy conservation, home security, and home comfort. By deploying certain technologies in your lighting automation systems, you can schedule turn on and off of lights, and ensure conformity to your daily routine. Timers are kind of scheduling lighting that helps you create the illusion that you are at home, deterring theft and intrusion. This is a smart technology that benefits you based on your usual patterns for lighting usage.


Lighting Pointers

Lighting PointerBesides technology and lighting controls, maintaining the aesthetics of your living space is important. Choosing lighting automation systems such as lighting pointers help you incorporate various lighting layers, and each of them has their own purpose. You can prefer lighting options which include-

  • Ambient Lighting
  • Task Lighting
  • Accent Lighting

Lighting Options Which Impacts Your Home’s Ambiance

Smartphone and The Remote Control

Smart Phone ControlAnother way for controlling lights installed at your home is by using a smartphone and remote control. with the help of any reliable smartphone app, you can easily turn on or turn off the lights in with just a single click rather than getting up to switch on/off the lights in your living room. Whether you want to dim the dining room lights or brightening the lights in your living space, you can control them directly from your phone screen. 

Connectivity And Implementation

You can easily connect your lights to the control systems and access through your smartphone. You can even opt for whole-home lighting automation with just simple devices. You can choose certain bulbs that no need any extra wiring to get operated remotely, and can be accessed through your home network, a smartphone, or an automated dimmer.