Price is Critical

Price is critical in Real Estate

The single most critical informational factor in selling anything, including a house, is Price. If a house is over-priced, it won’t sell.  If a house is under-priced, the seller is losing money.

If a house has everything done right – superbly marketed, well prepared, highly maintained, even lots of upgrades etc. – but if the price is too high for the market, the house won’t sell. Ask yourself, would you buy a house for too high of a price just because it’s price is what the owner wants to get? Or, if the price is too low, the house will most likely sell quicker, but you won’t get as much as you could have – you’re leaving money on the table – it should be your money!!!! Price is critical.

In Real Estate, pricing a house or property isn’t as easy as it may seem. There is a myriad of complicated factors involved. It is a common misconception real estate agents are taught how to determine a sell price in real estate licensing school. Typically, agents are not taught pricing skills. If anything, agents are briefly taught how to do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA). Most real estate schools don’t even teach how to do a CMA. So an average real estate agent will only have a cursory knowledge of how to set a price and use a lot of trial and error when it comes to actually setting a price.

Average AgentIt is a proven fact the longer a house is on the market, the less chance it has of selling. It has also been proven the first couple of weeks of a house being listed for sale is the very best time to get the highest price – new listings are the most prime marketing window of opportunity – this window of opportunity closes quickly. Placing a house on the market and then taking it off only builds a history of fickle behavior for the house – not good either. According to Beth Ross with Carolina Pines Realty “An accurate selling price, a price which is best for the market of your house, is critical to take advantage of the most prime marketing time of your house – the time when you will get the highest price offerings. If your agent is testing the market or has to keep adjusting the price to an accurate selling price, then your house will be on the market much longer than it should be. The longer a house is on the market, the higher the probability it will get overlooked – why has this house not sold yet, there must be something wrong with it”. And not to mention the inconvenience of keeping your house in show condition. An accurate selling price is critical. Fortunately, the mortgage, banking, and real estate valuation industry utilize Real Estate Agents and Brokers to do pricing work. This has spawned a new generation of Real Estate Agents and Brokers – Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialists, C_REPS.

C-REPS Calculating HouseC_REPS are licensed and credentialed Real Estate Agents and Brokers who are experts at marketing and selling or buying houses. On a daily basis, C_REPS provide price opinion services on houses and real estate properties to banks, lenders, mortgage servicers, BPO and REO Companies, and Real Estate Valuation Companies. In order to do this, C_REPS are trained and certified in all the factors and aspects of property and house pricing. C_REPS also have access to superior market data which average real estate agents usually don’t have. If banks, lenders, mortgage servicers, BPO & REO companies, and real estate valuation companies can trust C_REPS agents, you can trust a C_REPS agent to market and sell your house or to buy a house…with the best price.

LearningRepresenting a seller, C_REPS can market your house with the best possible price. Representing a buyer, because of their sharpened and honed pricing skills, C_REPS can quickly and inherently spot a good deal. Either buying or selling, C_REPS is the best choice if you need a Real Estate Agent or Broker.

It you have a Real Estate Agent or Broker, simply ask them if they are a C_REPS, they may be. If not, encourage them to become a C_REPS – you are the customer and it only benefits you to have a more qualified Agent or Broker working for you.

If you are looking for a Real Estate Agent or Broker, be sure they are a C_REPS (Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialist). You can find a C_REPS Agent or Broker by searching in the C_REPS Directory. For best results, contact several C_REPS and interview each of them to find the best qualified Agent to serve you. If you own a house, you can also ask them for a free House Price Report. C_REPS are happy and eager to provide this service to you with no obligation. The free House Price Report is a highly detailed market analysis report of your house, property, surrounding neighborhood – everything what your house is worth.