Lighting Considerations

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Lighting Options Which Impact Your Home’s Ambiance


What are the factors you should consider while choosing lighting options for home decor?

When it comes to the lighting options- ambient lighting, task lighting or accent lighting, you should play with finishes, materials, colors, and placements. A  light-filled space provides more energy and joy. You may have different preferences for the room which is airy and bright or the one which is dark and moody. The right choice of lighting can play down or enhance these elements and meets your expectations.

Lighting is a vital part of making any room feel brighter, roomier, and more appealing. A room can change drastically just by changing the lights. Here are a few tricks to help you achieve the perfectly lit room.

Ambient Lighting

Kitchen LightingAmbient lighting is the most important home decor basics, yet it is commonly overlooked by most DIY decorators. It is a soft glow that transforms your living space and creates a relaxing environment. It is often referred to as “mood lighting” as it elevates your mood.

These days, many yoga studios are using ambient lighting during the sessions to help draw stress from the body. You can use ambient lighting through chandeliers, track lighting, recessed ceiling lights, Torchieres and light kits on ceiling fans.

Chose your lighting fixtures based on the rooms’ purpose since certain rooms need brighter lights than others. Also consider the natural lighting of a room and take advantage of the sunlight as well as save money from the reduced electricity cost.

lighting-DimmerDimmer Switches for More Control

Instead of installing a single intensity light, use a dimmer in multi-purpose rooms, making it more versatile for the whole family!

Lighting is one of the constant struggles in many home settings. People find it daunting to get the right amount of light in any particular room. In such a scenario, dimmer switches act as a viable option for many rooms where you need a diverse range of lighting. Bedrooms, kitchen, dining rooms, study room, living rooms are the areas of your home where you may need both bright lights a dim light depending on your requirements.

Whether it is about programmable control systems or simple wall switch dimmers, using dimmer switches add adjustable voltage t your fixtures and provide multiple benefits. You can easily save energy and money with reduced wattage. They are quite useful in your bedroom whether you need a brighter light for daily activities and dim light for falling asleep.

Accent Lighting Lighting-Track

Accent lighting is the best way to add style to your home. It is a concentrated light that draws attention to its focal points. Using accent lighting, you can easily illuminate the items you want on the display and shadow dull areas. Accent lighting can be used to create a sophisticated atmosphere and add value to the images or architectural antiques it displays.

It is commonly used in the art shows, museums, and historical buildings. Some types of accent lighting that you can use as an interior home interior design are picture lights, uplights, wall sciences, niche lighting, lighting inside wire or glass door cabinets.

Accent lights draw attention to a room’s focal point, such as a fireplace, artwork or feature wall.  Hang a light over the fireplace, or set a lamp next to a piece of art you admire to draw attention to it. This will naturally draw any eye to the focal piece you want your guests to notice.

Task Lighting

Some people call task lighting as office lighting. It is basically a more concentrated light you want while working. Task lighting helps you see more clear while performing tasks that require finer light. These tasks include, but not limited to writing, cooking, sewing and other things.

This type of lighting stimulates your brain naturally. The finer and contrasting lighting makes you more focused on work. This also helps you achieve higher quality results as you can see more details while working. Task lighting fixtures are- desk lamps, table lamps, swing arm lights, pendant lights, vanity lights, under counter lights and recessed lights.

Lighting-MirrorSupplement ambient lighting with task lighting designed to provide light for a specific activity. Add lights based on a specific activity. This includes lights over the bathroom mirror, over the stove and countertops, or on bedside tables and desks.