Lighting Considerations

Lighting Stairs

Lighting Options That Impact Your Home’s Ambiance

LightbulbLighting is a vital part of making any room feel brighter, roomier, and more appealing. A room can change drastically just by changing the lights. Here are a few tricks to help you achieve the perfectly lit room.

Ambient Lighting: Chose your lighting fixtures based off of the rooms’ purpose since certain rooms need brighter lights than others. Kitchen LightingAlso consider the natural lighting of a room and take advantage of the sunlight as well as save money from the reduced electricity cost.

lighting-DimmerDimmer Switches for More Control: Instead of installing a single intensity light, use a dimmer in multi-purpose rooms, making it more versatile for the whole family!

Accent Lighting: Lighting-TrackAccent lights draw attention to a room’s focal point, such as a fireplace, artwork or feature wall.  Hang a light over the fire place, or set a lamp next to a piece of art you admire to draw attention to it. This will naturally draw any eye to the focal piece you want your guests to notice.

Task Lighting:  Lighting-MirrorSupplement ambient lighting with task lighting designed to provide light for a specific activity. Add lights based on a specific activity. This includes lights over the bathroom mirror, over the stove and countertops, or on bedside tables and desks.