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This site is for people with house/home interests brought to you by C_REPS Home Advisers. If you are looking for information about house and home, this is the site for you.

C_REPS is a network of Real Estate Agents and Brokers, from all over the country, who are house subject matter experts.C-REPS Adviser

Think of C_REPS as super agents. C_REPS – Certified Real Estate Pricing Specialists, are real estate agents and brokers who have distinguished themselves as a cut above regular agents and brokers. Real Estate agents and brokers have an in-depth knowledge about house and home due to their daily contact with homeowners and potential home owners. In addition to their regular real estate activities of marketing, selling, and buying houses for clients, C_REPS are paid to perform home pricing reports, called Broker Price Opinions (BPO), for C-REPS Sellingbanks, lenders, mortgage servicers, and real estate valuation companies. In order to remain competitive in the BPO industry, in addition to becoming BPO certified, C_REPS must remain close to the pulse of their market and become very familiar with their service areas. C-REPS are an ideal choice to list a house for sale or to purchase a house.

C-REPS Calculating HouseThe National Association of BPO Professionals (NABPOP) is the BPO Certification Authority for C-REPS. C_REPS is a designation conferred to members of NABPOP who have completed a BPO course, passed a stringent BPO certification test, and completed performance criteria. The C_REPS designation is a performance based designation. The higher a C_REPS scores on their certification test as well as the more performance criteria they complete, determines their standings with the organizations who hire them for BPOs (banks, lenders, BPO & REO companies etc.) as well as sorting higher in the “Find a C_REPS” directory. In short, the better a C_REPS performs to maintain their designation and certification, the more work they receive.

The following is a summary of the requirements and performance criteria of a C_REPS.

Technical Requirements:

  • Member of the National Association of BPO Professionals in good standings
  • Adhere to NABPOP code of ethics
  • Score above 80% on the NABPOP BPO Certification test

Performance Criteria:

  • Certification Score (a higher cert score = more performance points)
  • Re-certify annually
  • Subscribe to an approved data service which provides market analysis
  • Contribute to NABPOP’s body of knowledge, any one or combination of the following:
    • Contribute to this website
    • Participate in BPO Certification beta testing
    • Submit case studies of BPO experiences or scenarios
    • Review and submit suggestions on BPO educational materials
    • Submit articles relating to BPOs, valuation, and/or home pricing
    • Submit efficiency tools for BPO job completion
    • Coach and/or mentor less experienced BPO practitioners

The above Performance Criteria is participation which adds significantly to the body of knowledge which each C_REPS can access. This, in turn, significantly adds to a C_REPS skill set, resources a regular real estate agent or broker do not have.

BPO work inherently requires a C_REPS to and stay on top of the market and to intimately know their service area more than a regular agent or broker. In order to complete BPOs, C_REPS must inspect each house and property thoroughly, inspect and analyze neighborhoods, surrounding areas, and anything that will influence the prices of houses. Most C_REPS perform BPOs every day, so they have honed their skills and stay in practice virtually every day.

Think of C_REPS as super agents and brokers.

If you are an agent or a broker and are interested in learning more about becoming a C_REPS and/or earning extra real estate income in the BPO industry, please visit www.nabpop.org