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I already have a real estate agent that I like, can they become a C_REPS? Absolutely. You should encourage your agent or broker to become a C_REPS. If you encourage your favorite agent or broker to become a C_REPS, chances are they will. A smart agent or broker should give their customers what they want if possible, that’s just good business sense.

Can a C_REPS list my house for sale? If I want to buy a house, can I use a C_REPS? Yes, a C_REPS is a licensed and credentialed real estate agent or broker.

Are C_REPS guaranteed to be good real estate agents or brokers? C_REPS are trained, educated, and certified to perform pricing services for banks. Although most C_REPS are top performing real estate agents and brokers, there are no guarantees. We recommend interviewing several C_REPS before choosing one. This will ensure you get the best qualified C_REPS agent or broker working for you.

What is a Broker Price Opinion – BPO? A Broker Price Opinion is a report which a real estate broker or agent submits to a financial organization (bank, lender, mortgage servicers, BPO or REO valuation company etc.) for a fee. Real Estate professionals typically perform BPOs for a fee; however, some may perform BPOs as a show of competency in order to obtain listings (selling a house for a client). Visit the National Association of BPO Professionals (NABPOP) website for more information regarding BPOs and the BPO industry.

I had a bad experience with a C_REPS, what can I do? C_REPS is a designation which can be revoked. A few of the requirements of being a C_REPS is to be a member of the National Association of BPO Professionals (NABPOP) in good standings. Members of NABPOP must adhere to a code of ethics and adhere to a standard of professionalism. NABPOP disciplinary board reviews complaints for code of ethics violations and/or breaches of professionalism. If a member of NABPOP and/or a C_REPS is found to be in violation of the code of ethics or is acting in a consistently unprofessional manner, their membership and/or designation can be revoked. C_REPS are independent agents and brokers and although NABPOP can’t control the actions of its members, NABPOP can revoke membership and/or the C_REPS designation in order to ensure only quality agents and brokers represent the C_REPS designation. If you have a bad experience with a C_REPS, please report this to us Support@NABPOP.org and we will attempt to remedy the situation and/or take disciplinary action if needed.